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Totally Derma tackles the root causes of ageing within the deepest layers of the skin and delivers a holistic approach to younger-looking skin.

This scientifically researched, evidence based and results-driven skin drink contains patented Arthred® bovine hydrolyzed collagen, a superior form of collagen that is small in molecular size so that it can be easily absorbed by the bloodstream, alongside Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidants, Zinc and peptides to improve both the skin and the body’s internal health.

Designed to support the effects of a topical regime, this powder supplement works in two ways. Externally, Totally Derma works to improve the firmness, volume and elasticity of the skin, as well as improving how hydrated and smooth the skin looks and feels. The hair and nails will also become stronger and look noticeably healthier. Inside the body, the benefits of increased collagen production means that stiff joints will become more flexible and comfortable, making this a great supplement for mature and menopausal women. Additional benefits also include improved gut health and an increase in the body’s natural free radical defense mechanisms.

To see the most significant results, Totally Derma recommend taking the supplement for at least three months, but most users will see an improvement in the condition of their skin after just three weeks.

Free of the most common allergens, preservatives and artificial additives, this powder supplement is also flavored with natural sugars to make it a pleasure to drink on a daily basis. Just mix it with water or juice to repair, rejuvenate and replenish the skin.

If you would like to order Totally Derma please contact us by telephone or email for a free consultation.

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