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Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does my hair need to be?

At least 3mm long. Think “grain of rice’ but if in doubt, the longer, the better. We can always trim if need be. 


How often should I get sugared?

For areas below the hips, we would recommend sugaring every 4 weeks. Areas above the hips grow at different rates; for example, you wouldn’t sugar your arms or abdomen as often as you might do your underarms, which you may want to do every two or three weeks.


How does Sugaring work towards a permanent hair reduction solution?

Regular extraction around 3.5mm every 2 to 5 weeks, meaning the anagen phase of hair growth, leads to permanent hair reduction. At that length, part of the follicle wall is pulled out during each extraction, eventually causing it to collapse, so over time, the follicles shrink and hair becomes more refined and can eventually diminish, which is why we recommend sugaring at least every 4 weeks for most body areas.


What do all the bikini zones refer to?

Below you will find a diagram that includes our standard (Basic), High Leg (Extended) and LA Bikini zones. Remember, if you are ever in doubt or looking for a custom job, speak with your Sugarist.

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