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Bare Naked Facial Cleansing Cloth
  • Bare Naked Facial Cleansing Cloth

    The Bare Naked Facial Cleansing cloth is made from 70% Bamboo and 305 organic cotton fibres , this super natural and anti-bacterial cloth will thoroughly cleanse your skin leaving it in perfect condition for the next stage in your skincare routine.


    Use warm water to dampen the cloth, apply cleanser and gently cleanse your face and neck area, rinse the cloth in warm water and remove the cleanser, repeat the process for optimum results leaving skin feeling fresh clean and rejuvenated.


    Cloth care:
    Rinse in warm water after every use and leave to dry alternatively machine wash at 30C degrees. 


    Suitable for all skin types 

    Organic vegan and cruelty free

    Environmentally Friendly.



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